An Advanced Shopping plugin with Buyback &
an Optional Stock Management Subsystem

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FyreStores is a plugin where players can not only buy from shops, but sell back to them as well. The inventory sold to the shops is added to the stores inventory as if it was part of the store to begin with.

As well as selling to shops, FyreStores allows you to optionally have inventory management. By setting the Regeneration Amount and Regeneration Time, you can have items in the store restock automatically over time.


FyreStores is also highly optimized. All products, regeneration and stock tracking is kept server side and only requested as needed by the clients.

Allows you to manage the stores plugin and ensure everything is working as you’re intending. Future versions will also allow use of this command to edit the specifics in real time, such as amount, max amount, regen times and more.

When the script is initialized, or everytime the shops are reinitialized and the prices are updated/set, two custom functions are called which are not in the escrow files: Stores.CustomPriceForBuyTime and Stores.CustomPriceForBuybackItem. With these functions, you can tap into the script to have it automatically set the price for the item based on any other script you choose.

By default, this method pulls the QBCore item list and if there are a ['price'] or ['sell'] defined, it will use those prices for purchasing and selling items (respectively).

Each store has the option to be ‘bottomless’, and each item at each store also has the option to be bottomless as well. A bottomless store or item is a store/item that never sells out. When you purchase an item and it runs out, you simply close and reopen the menu and it will be fully restocked.

You can make mix and match them as well, such as making a store like 24/7 run out of inventory until it regenerates, but let Water Bottles and Grilled Cheese sandwiches be bottomless so players never die of hunger or thirst.

Which brings us to regeneration. By default, each item at each store regenerates 1 product every 60 seconds. These values can be changed, or if set to zero, ignored. The options are endless! You can create a Black Market dealer that sells rifles and then once he’s sold out, he’s out until the server restarts. Likewise, you can make a doctor at the hospital who sells bandages to everyone that never run out.

Speaking of Black Markets, you can create merchants that are restricted to certain gangs, jobs or even the boss of a gang or a job. You can create a merchant that sells to everyone but only sells certain items to cops or the Cartel.

Each shop can be customized to be restricted to cops only (such as an Armory) or you can create a merchant that sells ammo to everyone, but only sells guns to people in specific gangs (like a Black Market dealer).

An unencrypted Discord file is provided so that you can create your own logs, and if you don’t like how I’ve set it up, it’s completely unencrypted so that you can customize your webhook however you want.

For more details on what FyreStores offers, see our video above!

Future versions of FyreStores will include a handy NUI for updating and controlling stores in real time from in game. Further versions will also include the option of using a database for persistent store inventories.

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