Short Explanation:
There is a chance that a helicopter will spawn and free fall causing explosion sounds and a trail of smoke for players to locate, once players find it they can loot.

Showcase Video


  • Add much loot positions on the heli as you want;
  • Enable/Disable flashlight requirement
  • Advanced level system with EXP;
  • Helicopter spawns with a successful chance;
  • Configurable Rewards according to your LEVEL;
  • No limitation at levels;
  • Properly synced with everyone;
  • You can set different amount of exp/rewards per crashzone
  • Dynamically programmed so you can deep customize it;
  • Plug & Play;
  • Fully configurable and UserFriendly;
  • Nice and clean to interact;
  • Highly optimized (0.00ms when idle);
  • Protection against “Triggers Executors (cheaters)” to receive rewards;

Config Preview:

Framework Required: Currently only QBCore "Might convert to other framework on request"

Get this resource at: Tebex

Code accessible No, but have customization files (FiveM Escrow System)
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) 700
Requirements QBCore
Support Yes

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