Short Explanation:
Different stages of the racing chip, higher level equals higher speeds, flaming on every exhaust at specific stage once you rev up to the redline.

Showcase Video
(At the end of the video is a comparison of every stage, “boosts” configurable)


  • Different stages;
  • The chip actually saves to the vehicle, even if you restart the server;
  • Configurable amount of “boost” for each stage;
  • Reving up the RPM to the redline will create flames on the exhaust;
  • Only specific stage will create flames;
  • Every exhaust will have flames (even if its 1/2/4 exhausts);
  • Dosn’t mess directly with vehicle handling data so it wont bug / glitch speed;
  • Flames are properly synced with everyone;
  • Configurable flame size;
  • Plug & Play;
  • Highly optimized, always 0.00ms even at using;


Config Preview:

Framework Required: Currently only QBCore "Might convert to other framework on request"

Get this resource at: Tebex

Code accessible Customization files
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) 400
Requirements QBCore
Support Yes

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