A script that provides the wandering pedestrian to the sport that you could commerce with to get unlawful gadgets. :fire:

It is a Black Market script that you could add to your sever to permit you gamers to have the ability to get tougher to get gadgets. It was designed to be laborious to search out. Nevertheless, all the things is customizable so you’ll be able to change the settings. You’ll need to give you a means of giving out the pagers. I counsel a crafting recipe or permitting a mafia gang to get them. You may even solely give out a sure quantity on the server. Fully as much as you <3


  • qb-core

  • qb-phone

  • qb-inventory

Installation Setup

  1. Add the resource to your resources folder

  2. Edit the config.lua file to your liking

  3. Start the server

Add the pager item to your QB-Coreshareditems.lua. You will also need to add an image in the QB-Inventory Script in the directory QB-Inventoryhtmlimages

['bmpager'] = {['name'] = 'bmpager', ['label'] = 'Pager', ['weight'] = 100, ['type'] = 'item', ['image'] = 'pager.png', ['unique'] = true, ['useable'] = true, ['shouldClose'] = true, ['combinable'] = nil, ['description'] = 'Seems to be an ordinary pager'},

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