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Description :

  • This is a free script which we are releasing this is a very basic and useful script for admins and normal players for usual rp the admins will be adble to give vehicle to anyone in the server with a with custom or random plate number in the server, whereas for civilians they will be able to transfer vehicles to anyone in the city! ; else preview is uploaded below!

Features :

  • A single command to give a car to anyone in the server /givecar [id] [vehiclename] [licenseplate] *Solely admins! Observe: If plate is none will randomly generate a brand new plate
  • The license plate will probably be saved within the database which will probably be an enormous reduction because it wont be a error or disappearing or altering of license plates
  • The automobiles will probably be differentiated on the premise of there license plates means the most effective half is that they cant spawn two automobiles on the identical license plate
  • We have now additionally added a model new function of switch automobile which is the most effective as you guys can switch the automobile throughout the server with a solo command
  • This may even be differentiated in line with the license plates which implies there will probably be no mismatch in transferring automobiles to the opposite !
  • So we have added a command /transfercar [id] you may be speculated to be sitting within the automobile to do that in order that there will probably be no mismatch and the man will
    obtain the automobile! (As some automobiles dont have seen quantity plates!)
  • As this can be a launch you guys have any questions and have some good modifications be happy to place some pull requests on github


  • /givecar [id] [vehiclename] [licenseplate]
  • /transfercar [id]






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Realy good Launch :heart_eyes:

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