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Description: Based mostly on the unique qb-methlab and qb-moneywash. 5 key-based labs made for QBCore.

1: Drug labs (Coke, Meth, Weed): As soon as inside gamers require components to create medication. After working the method, gamers obtain a batch or brick of medicine. These giant packs are simple to distribute and promote to the remainder of the gamers in your server. Script makes use of Gaussian distribution to calculate purity for given parameters and medicines have to be cured.

2: Weapon crafting: Below Mt. Chilliad is a big bunker the place gun crafters can craft weapons. Supplies are used to craft weapons and ammo. Within the config information you’ll be able to rapidly edit the supplies and portions required. Stash is included.

3: Cash wash: After a profitable financial institution theft, gamers want to scrub their inked cash. They hand over their luggage of inked cash to the group that controls the cash wash.

Buy Right here: Tebex: Key Labs – EUR 24,99 (excl. tax)


  • Retailer is fetched and shops from database on server begin up and shutdown (txAdmin)
  • Qb-target carried out
  • In depth server logging
  • In depth server debugging
  • Runs at 0.00 ms
  • Makes use of bob74_ipl: biker dlc ipl’s
  • Essential logic runs on server aspect
  • Absolutely server synced

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