• Sky Diving by Dream Scripts

Are you a thrill seeker? If so, this resource is for you! A perfect addition to any city for those thrill seekers to have some fun! You can even bring your friends along and they get a discount on the total fee!

In the video, I jumped early for the sake of a short video. The length of the flight depends on the coords you set in the config.lua.

The plane/pilot deletes itself shortly after jumping out. If a plane is out, then no one else can book a flight until the current flight it over. Other players can join after the plane is spawned by targeting the plane and receive a $500 discount. There is also a fail-safe added, meaning you can’t get off of the plane until it takes off. This prevents your from losing you money if the plane were to take off without you.

  • Purchase here ($5): Sky Diving (tebex-link)

  • Video: watch me

  • Config Options:

  • Location on map (configurable):

  • While waiting for friends to join:

  • Ped options:

This is my first release. The waiting part is just when you are sitting in the plane waiting for friends to join, otherwise the resmon drops back down to 0.01-0.02.

  • Code is accessible: Only Config
  • Subscription-based: No
  • Lines (approximately): ~400
  • Requirements: qb-target
  • Support: Yes
  • Resmon: 0.01(idle) 0.07(while waiting)

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