Is it vsc that the config screen shot was taken in? If so could you tell what theme are you using?

Yes, but it is just the default theme that is loaded when I installed it.

Can you make it for ESX and without target menu

I don’t have an ESX server up and running, but if there is enough interest in an ESX version, I will make one and update for both frameworks.


Thx have for free on Forum :slight_smile:

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Can’t complian about free. Hopefully all goes well!

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is exactly 1=1 like yours only for ESX

I don’t believe it’s an exact 1 to 1 as I have made this mostly from scratch give or take a couple things that are commonly used in resources, (blip spawns, etc). Although it isn’t too hard to make, I could see where they might seem similar.

Have an idea that’ll make this script even better? Don’t be shy, let me know please.

yes i idea version your script a standalone please :slight_smile:

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I will work on a standalone version/esx. Stay tuned… It’ll be a couple of days before I can push this update as I have a couple other things I need to end to first.

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