A script that permits you HiJack a vans location. :fire: :video_game:

That is the beginning of a criminal offense script that you may put in your FiveM Sever. This script can be constantly up to date and labored on so you should definitely look out for brand new options! It’s coded in Typescript so it should must be constructed and requires a setup.



  • Node.js

  • QBCore

  • QB-Phone

  • QB-Inventory

  • mHacking

Installation Setup

  1. Add the resource to your resources folder.

  2. Open Command Prompt or Windows Terminal and navigate to the resource folder via CD command

  3. Type npm i to install the node modules

  4. Type npm run build to compile the Typescript. If you get any errors join the discord and I will help you.

Add the encrypted usb item to your QB-Coreshareditems.lua. You will also need to add an image in the QB-Inventory Script in the directory QB-Inventoryhtmlimages

['encrypted_usb'] = {['name'] = 'encrypted_usb', ['label'] = 'Encrypted USB', ['weight'] = ['type'] = 'item', ['image'] = 'encrypted_usb.png', ['unique'] = false, ['useable'] = true, ['shouldClose'] = true, ['combinable'] = nil, ['description'] = "This encrypted USB appears to connect to your phone"},

Planned Features

  • Giving Weapon Parts Items

  • The choice to delivery the items for money or to steal them for yourself.

  • Add More mission locations and diversity

Known Bugs

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