You possibly can select one from two jobs at one time.

Blip on map: Warehouse


  • Spawns trailer with 3-8 palletes
  • Your process is to maneuver packages into greenzones utilizing forklift (CTRL/SHIFT)
  • You possibly can customise paycheck for every bundle in config

GoPostal packing:

  • Spawns GoPostal truck and 4-10 packages
  • You possibly can selected them up utilizing raycast (`/~ button) and pickup (E)
  • Transfer them onto truck
  • And park car on random place in docks
  • Paycheck and positions are customizable in config

For each jobs you possibly can add your props in config

Preview GoPostal: 2021-12-03 19-26-57
Preview Forklift: 2021-12-03 23-13-11

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