Tired of invalid .meta files? Fear not, rage-lint will help you find the problem!

What it does:

This is a tool for developers to validate RAGE (GTA5’s game engine) .meta files against the game code. It is capable of:

  • Validating metafile structure
  • Identifying missing or invalid fields
  • Validating numeric and hex values for correctness

What it supports:

  • Vehicle metafiles
  • Weapon metafiles
  • Literally everything else… to some degree


Run with GitHub Actions

If you have a public (or private) GitHub repository, you can easily run rage-lint to check your files on every commit, for free!

rage-lint-action · GitHub Marketplace

Running locally (easy way)

A prebuilt .exe is made available here:

rage-lint · GitHub Releases

Running locally (hard way)

To run the script directly, you will need Python 3.x installed on your local computer – then you can also clone the repository and follow the instructions in the README to put in the Python dependencies.

Running rage-lint

rage-lint accepts a list of globs to process. So if you wanted to lint ALL .meta files, you would run it like so:

rage-lint.exe **/*.meta

To run both .meta and .xml files:

rage-lint.exe **/*.meta **/*.xml

This is experimental!

This is powered by GTA5.xsd, which is a very large generated XML schema so we will test metafiles in opposition to the sport logic!

There could also be points with validation, please report any points here so the validation will be fastened! When you have questions in regards to the errors reported, be happy to additionally go away a remark right here so it may be defined for others.

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