I do know its quite simple, however after I was in search of one thing prefer it I couldn’t discover it, so I made my very own.
Ever go to replenish for fuel in sandy shores and are inconvienced by the automotive that spawns on one facet?
I’ve a repair for this! It is a quite simple sandalone script which is able to take away the automotive from spawning on the opposite facet of the fuel pumps.

The script makes use of the ClearAreaOfVehicles Native

Clearly arrange for the fuel station in sandy shores, however coordinates could be modified to wherever you desire to it to be. Use it how you’ll :slight_smile:

Direct Obtain: carbegone.rar (544 Bytes)

Native Operate:
-- CLEAR_AREA_OF_VEHICLES ClearAreaOfVehicles( x --[[ number ]], y --[[ number ]], z --[[ number ]], radius --[[ number ]], p4 --[[ boolean ]], p5 --[[ boolean ]], p6 --[[ boolean ]], p7 --[[ boolean ]], p8 --[[ boolean ]] )

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