A collection of useful utilities for use in the V8 ScRT within the CFX platform.

This can be a launch aimed particularly at FiveM builders using the V8 ScRT (JS/TS). These are non-framework dependent wrappers & features that present both further sort security within the case of TypeScript or are usually useful when utilized in JavaScript.

Additional documentation and NPM directions may be discovered on the GitHub repository, I like to recommend going there when you’ve got any curiosity in any respect of following this venture.

Current Features

  • Promisfied Net Events – Allows for emitting events on the client as a promise and handling on the server to resolve that promise (No more complaining about callbacks!).
  • Basic RPC System – Allows for registering client side RPC listeners that can be called from the server, returning data back to it.
  • NUI Proxy system that allows for NUI to fetch server side data and resolve back to the original HTTP request.
  • TypeScript first with declarations generated from source (JavaScript is still compatible)
  • General wrappers to make development easier within the runtime
  • Some TypeScript wrapped natives allowing for more fluid static typing through generics.
  • An experimental architecture for handling promise events on the server (request object, response object), resembling the design of popular web servers like Express

Current Status

This project is in a very experimental phase, do not expect for API’s to remain the same after community feedback and testing has been provided.

As a result, documentation is currently very WIP as well. Expect more documentation with explicit examples to arrive as development continues and API’s solidify


If you use this package please try and provide feedback regarding developer experience and API. Best place for that would be on GitHub

:warning: Important Note :warning:

This is an npm package not a standalone resource. If you don’t know what you are doing with npm, this isn’t for you.

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