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erp_adminmenu is a standalone admin menu designed in React, utilizing MUI, to be used in FiveM. I figured I’d launch this to the general public for individuals who might want it, doesn’t have any dependencies aside from Onesync.

As that is like my second React useful resource, the syntax isn’t nice. Be at liberty to depart suggestions for me!

:sparkles:You’ll find the obtain right here: GitHub – FlawwsX/erp_adminmenu: React admin menu for FiveM


This menu comes with a fair amount of features, and we are always looking to expand it out, hence the public git.

  • Actually working ban checks
  • Wonderful Material UI design
  • Utilises React Redux, React Router & Typescript :ping_pong:
  • Player list showing both online and disconnected players
  • Search for players in the player list
  • Ban, kick, spectate, teleportation and modification checks are included
  • Forbidden client events check (check for conflicting events)
  • Banned client command list (check for conflicting commands)
  • NoClip similar to vMenu, just without the extra stuff, could probably expand this later.
  • A force ban option which allows you to ban offline players
  • Each ban has a ban ID which you can unban using the “Pardon Player” option
  • Vehicle spawning, using server-side natives.
  • Change weather options.
  • Waypoint and coordinate teleportation, using vector values.
  • Utility action such as vehicle repair, plate change, clear area, entity deletion and much more
  • Weapon drop disabling & no vehicle rewards.

Showcase Images

Ban Message
Main Menu


Player Management


Player List
Player Info
Built in Notifications


Offline Banning
Unban Player
Weather Options
Change Plate



You can use oxmysql or MySQL async.
Either works here!


To use this, you must have Onesync Infinity enabled.

It will not work as designed otherwise!


The setup procedure is pretty simple, make sure that you have NPM, Yarn, Git and a working FiveM server enabled.

Now follow the steps below!

  1. Open a Command Prompt
  2. Go to your FiveM resources folder using cd destination/for/fivem/resources
  3. Once you’re in, you can use git clone and it will download the resource for you.
  4. After that, do cd erp_adminmenu/web and run yarn
  5. Now you can do yarn build and it should build the admin menu HTML files for production.
  6. Run the SQL file included, should be called adminmenu.sql
  7. Make sure you have set discordWebhook "REPLACEMEWITHWEBHOOK" in the server.cfg
  8. Move the permissions.cfg file to the same directory as your server.cfg
  9. Add exec permissions.cfg to your server.cfg
  10. Fill in the permissions.cfg file.
  11. Start the resource using ensure erp_adminmenu
  12. Start the server, join and hit F10!
  13. Toggle NoClip using PAGEDOWN

Things to note


We offer support through GitHub issues or you can comment on the FiveM forum post.
I tired to make the installation guide as simple as possible, if you have any questions, please ask!


You can make pull requests if you want to add something, or make an issue if you want something.

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