DT-Terminal is macOS impressed terminal which is an addition to robberies/heists. Folks will want it so as to hack right into a heist.


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Put it into your resources folder and start it through server.cfg/resources.cfg
Make sure to NOT delete firsttime.txt file.
Make sure to check the shared/main.lua file as there’s the configuration of the script.

How to add commands

This is an example of a custom command located in html/assets/modules/cmd.js

cmdName: function(term, args) { // term/terminal could be used if you want to call terminal functions. 
    //Here you can do your main functionality like $.post to call script or whatever you want it to do.
    term.echo("Hello world!") // term.echo does print in the terminal
help = `## Contact me section ##` // Without the function() it will be string which will be called as term.echo


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