This script was custom-made for a consumer, which implies that not each weapon/ammo-related characteristic has been added to the script. Nevertheless, if a characteristic is requested and I’ve time, I might add it in an replace.

I’ll attempt to assist with points and issues as a lot as I can if these come up.
When you’ve got any strategies, concepts, or enhancements then please let me know!

Removes the reloading logic from GTA and replaces it with a extra life like manner of reloading weapons.
To reload your weapon, the keybind is “R” on the keyboard.
Ammunition can by no means be above the max quantity of the clip measurement of the particular weapon.


  • Most ammunition is the scale of the clip measurement.
  • Reloading solely works when you possess a particular merchandise in your stock (solely ESX).
  • You can’t reload in case your clip measurement is full.
  • One reload equals the utmost quantity of ammunition within the clip measurement.


  • Idle: 0.01ms.
  • Whereas holding a weapon (not melee): 0.03-0.04ms.


Config = {}

Config.Framework = "ESX"                --"ESX" or "STANDALONE"

Config.Debug = false                    --Shows details about the present weapon (prints to console).
Config.DebugRefresh = 5000              --How typically ought to it refresh.

Config.Merchandise = "REPLACE_ME"             --Database title of YOUR merchandise that ought to be used as a weapon clip.

Config.SpamDelay = 1500                 --If set off and error; How lengthy delay till subsequent set off.
Config.CheckAndApplyAmmo = true         --Weapons which have ammo past the clip will get its ammo routinely eliminated.
Config.DisablePistolPunching = true     --Take away melee hits whereas wielding a weapon.

Config.NotificationStyle = "ESX"        --"ESX" or "CONSOLE"; Defaults again to console (print) if not ESX.
Config.Notifications = {
    FullClip = "You might have a completely loaded clip in your weapon",
    NotEnough = "You do not have sufficient ammo containers", --That is provided that framework is "ESX"

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