FiveM Script – Usable Simcard

Github: GitHub – Musiker15/esx_simcard: FiveM Script – Usable Simcard


  • Usable Simcard Item
  • Changes the Phonenumber

If you are using Chezza Phone, have a look at the Phone Guides at and seek for Updating Phonenumber!


Config = {}
Config.VersionChecker = true
Config.Debug = true
Config.needPhone = true -- Player has to have a phone in inventory
Config.phoneItem = 'phone' -- This should be your phone item
Config.usableItem = 'simcard' -- Add this to your items table in database
Config.removeItem = true -- Set to false if you dont want the item to be deleted after use
Config.StartingDigit = "094" -- the starting digits for phone number // Number would be 094XXXXXX
Config.Database = {
    numberDB = 'phones', -- Table for phonenumbers // Chezza Phone: 'phones' // default: 'users'
    numberTB = 'phone_number'
-- Change the Event in this function to the Event that changes the Number in your Phone.
-- If you are using Chezza Phone, have a look at the Phone Guides at and search for 'Updating Phonenumber'
function updateNumber(src, newNumber) -- This function is serverside!!
    TriggerEvent('phone:changeNumber', src, newNumber)
    TriggerClientEvent('phone:notify', src, { 
        app = 'settings', 
        title = _U('phoneHeading'), 
        content = _U('phoneText')

    -- TriggerClientEvent('esx:showNotification', src, _U('updateNumber', newNumber))


  • ESX 1.2 (v1-final) // Legacy
  • mysql-async // oxmysql



GNU General Public License v3.0

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if use phone from gksphone is work ?

You have to change the Event in updateNumber function that changes the Phonenumber.
It is all discribed in config.lua

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