A easy NUI job middle.





  • Automatically find your framework (ESX, QB)
  • Easy to create jobs with or without whitelist through JSON
  • Easy to create backgrounds.
  • Rules page.
  • Bugs page.
  • Settings page.
  • Save background.
  • Discord webhook.
  • Multiple jobcenters.

This project does not contain a license, therefore you are not allowed to add one and claim it as yours. You are not allowed to sell this nor re-distribute it. If you want to modify or make an agreement, you can contact me. Pull requests are accepted as long as they do not contain breaking changes. You can read more here

Gotta clear that I didn’t check the qb model + there are some webhooks.


@D4NT3SPACE For the couple of guidelines.
@Pa1nlessz For testing since I didn’t have a very good laptop to check and for the video.

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