What does it do exactly?

This resource forces first person in vehicles (including bikes, boats, etc.) for every player.

Showcase video: Vehicle First Person Showcase – FiveM Resource – YouTube



  • Upon entering any vehicle, the player is forced into first person directly.
  • If the player is teleported into any vehicle, he will also be forced into first person.
  • When the player exits a vehicle, the camera gets reset to whatever he used before sitting in the vehicle. (e.g. when in far away camera before entering the vehicle, you will be set into the far away camera after exiting the vehicle again)
  • It includes a blacklist for vehicle models and complete vehicle classes. (players in these vehicles will not be forced into first person)
  • Full source code included.
  • Script can be restarted any time.

Planned Features

  • Permission based whitelist for players (so they are not forced into first person).


  • Client Side: 0.02ms
  • Server Side: –

Known Issues

  • Submersibles switch to third person when directly on the water surface (first person under and
    above water still works).
  • Driving any vehicle deep enough into water (apart from submersibles) will switch to third person.

Installation instructions

  1. Extract the downloaded folder into your resources.
  2. Start the resource in your server.cfg:
ensure VehicleForceFirstPerson


Open Me


Where can I get this?

This script is currently purchasable for 4.00€ (without tax) at: https://kiminazes-script-gems.tebex.io/package/4611402

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