Based on es_carwash by ‘EssentialMode 5 CarWash by TheSpartaPT.’

Pull in to one in all a number of Physique Store places on the map, drive in, hit enter to restore auto physique injury.

Optional Dependencies

EssentialMode Base


1- Drag and Drop the cp_auto_body_shop folder into the resources/[local] folder;

2- add this line “ensure cp_auto_body_shop” on “server.cfg” near the end of your start and ensure lists.

Extremelly important: if you’re using EssentialMode step 2 needs to be bellow the “start essentialmode” line so the dependencies load first.

Optional (notepad++ recommended)

If you wish to make the repairs free open “cp_auto_body_server.lua” and edit the value on the variable “enableprice” to “false”

If you wish to edit how much money is spent to wash the car open “cp_auto_body_server.lua” and edit the value on the variable “price” to whatever number you want.

Protoford/cp_auto_body_shop: FiveM GTA V Auto Body Shop (

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