Hi there,

I actually was at all times in search of a superb working script for a carwipe each hour for instance, however by no means actually may discover one thing good, and one thing that really did it proper. So I made my very own model of a carwipe script.

A script that lets you run a carwipe from time to time (hours/minutes), this may take away all automobiles that nobody is in to stop lag. This script doesn’t trigger any efficiency loss.


  • Change time for carwipe with cron:runAt in the server.lua
  • Notifications when a carwipe is upcoming and done in config
  • Config the 10ms delay x vehicle to delete
  • Multiple delete functions so the vehicle always goes away
  • A command to manually start a carwipe if you like
  • Delete & Normal destroyed vehicle’s
  • A option to use ESX or not
  • Not deleting of someone is driveing the vehicle

This script has a version check, new versions will be released regularly, so you can see it right at the start of the server.

How to install

  1. Download the recource

  2. Change the config in config.lua and take a look at the server.lua for adjustments

  3. Rename te script to: CarWipe

  4. Add this to your server.cfg:

ensure CarWipe
  1. Enjoy the script :smiley:



  • Mounted some delay
  • Made the config higher
  • Esx and never working (want to alter the config)
  • Can alerts set on/off

More is coming soon <3


Today i wil post a video to preview, and get a new version out.

It would be nice if it only removes “damaged” vehicles and that they don’t get deleted if they are sitting on them, and also a whitelist of vehicles per job.

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