This prop was born for all individuals who wish to put a campfire off as a substitute of logging into their scenes.
The prop is identical as the unique of gtav it solely adjustments that there’s no fireplace.
You need to use the prop in any approach even by means of script, if you wish to publish the script with this prop please simply quote me.

Tebex obtain hyperlink:

The best way to set up
  1. Create mods folder in gta v

  2. Create an rpf contained in the mods folder

  3. Insert file of the prop contained in the rpf

  4. Open codewalker and verify dlc and mods as within the image

  5. Now you can use codewalker with my prop.(asset_name: aletomax_beach_nofire)

aletomax_nofire.7z (171.2 KB)

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