Badger Automobile Spawner is a straightforward Automobile Spawner Menu utilizing MenuAPI (GitHub – TomGrobbe/MenuAPI: FiveM C# Menu API. Designed specifically as a replacement of NativeUI for vMenu. Full safezone scaling supported, both left and right aligned menus supported.)
This spawner permits resticting classes to ace perms.

Ensure you obtain from RELEASES on the suitable aspect and NOT the supply code.

I made this months in the past however just lately acquired round to creating it launch prepared and added ace perms to it.


Configuration is done within the config.json file, found in the folder named “Config”.

menuKey: This determintes what key is used to open the menu. Numbers for each key can be found here: Controls – Docs
rightAlligned: When “true”, the menu will probably be alligned to the suitable hand aspect of the display screen. That is enabled by default. To disable, set worth to “false”.
enabledInEmergencyVehicles: This determines whether or not or not the menu may be opened whereas in a automobile aside of the Emergency class, comparable to a police automotive. Worth should be “true” or “false”.

menus: That is the place you arrange every class. Within the default config, there are two cateogires so you may see how one can arrange a class and have a number of.
    identify: This decides the show identify for every class.
    aceRequired: That is the ace perm required to see the class. You may change this worth.
    automobiles: That is an array which holds all of the automobiles.
        identify: That is the show identify for the automobile.
        spawncode: That is the spawncode/mannequin identify for the automobile.

Ace Perms Example

In this example, let’s say that the first category should be only for admins, or the ace group “group.admin”.
To do this, I would first decide what ace perm I wanted to restrict the category to. Lets say I do “VehicleSpawner.Admin”.
The aceRequired value in the menu in the config should therefore be “VehicleSpawner.Admin”. To give admins this ace perm, I will then, in my server.cfg, do add_ace group.admin VehicleSpawner.Admin allow
By doing this, I have restricted the first category to just admins.


Full license is viewable in the LICENSE file in this repository.
This license is subject to be changed at any given time.


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