Welcome to my first submit. :grin:

I made a bit standalone utility that removes international chat in FiveM servers, very appropriate for RP servers.

It additionally provides a config file the place you possibly can allow/disable an OOC chat that triggers while you don’t kind any command within the chat, so something you kind within the chat can be formatted as OOC.

I do know there are many chat options on the market, however I didn’t discover any easy script that solely provides that performance and plug & play, so I made it. With this small answer, you possibly can simply mix it with different scripts and frameworks with out breaking functionalities.

Presently, these are the configurable values:

-- Allow OOC Chat, if false all choices beneath will not take impact
Config.EnableChatOOC = true -- Default: true

-- Prefix and coloration
Config.Prefix = 'OOC | ' -- Default: 'OOC | '
Config.PrefixColor = { 0, 0, 255} -- Default: { 0, 0, 255}

-- Change chat distance or make it international
Config.ChatDistance = 20.0 -- Default: 20.0
Config.EnableGlobalOOC = false -- Default: false

Right here the information:

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