[ RELEASE ] **Lapizh Visuals

Version 1.1 of Lapizh Visuals Includes:

  • Advanced Water Graphics
  • Breathtaking Visuals
  • Low & High-end PC optimized
  • Reflections like ( Ray tracing )
  • Enhanced Lighting
  • Amazing Night & Daytime
  • FPS Boosting ( some cases )

This was created for free by Lapizh, it is a FiveM local graphics pack which gives a breathtaking experience to the FiveM community.

Images taken on GTX 1050

NOTE: Open IV is NOT needed for installation.




Right click on FiveM press open file location then > fivem application data > citizen > common > data .

Drag and drop all files into < data >, and replace files if asked.

Launch FiveM and Enjoy <33


Can confirm amazing graphics for a total price of nothing! Amazing work!

Looks beautiful thank you…

AMAZING! Thanks for this CRAZY visual mod :smiley:

I like it, maybe I’ll try :thinking:

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