launch model 0.2 (POACHING UPDATE)
Preview – (minor concern with the video discuss with the outline to grasp this script )
qb-core help : sure
esx help : no (we aren’t seeking to convert this script, be happy to take action your self)


a participant might now discover a dodgy individual and use particular bait bough from their retailer to hunt unique animals on cayo perico, the bait will appeal to a chimpanzee, a gray chimpanzee, a husky and a 1 in 5 likelihood of spawning bigfoot
the replace additionally consists of particular person carcasses for animals while you pores and skin them eg deer carcass
the replace additionally features a 1 in 25 likelihood of getting massive foots fur which can provide you fairly a bit of cash when bought to the dodgy individual
the replace consists of 20 plus new objects

simply configurable
simply changeable to different frameworks
14/7h assist
comes with every part you want within the learn me together with every part you want and the place it is advisable put into different scripts reminiscent of qb-shops and qb-target aswell as an photos folder for all the photos used
Description :
this script lets you buy a searching rifle, ammo and a knife and searching bait at a searching retailer utilizing qb-target on a searching ped, afterwards you go to the present solely set searching location and start searching, to take action you’ll place down the searching bait after doing a simple minigame and stand again, ultimately an animal might come nevertheless there’s a 1 in 4 likelihood that an animal might not present up, as soon as an animal exhibits up you should kill it, then you definately use the goal on the animal, you should have a knife in hand in any other case you will be unable to pores and skin the animal, you’ll then do a minigame and retrieve the meat, leather-based and carcass from the animal, there’s a math random to offer you 4 totally different grades of carcass, after that you just return to the searching man ( everytime you want to end searching ) and use your eye on him to promote the objects

dependences :
PolyZone (
PolyZoneHelper (
qb-lock (made by M-Middy the helper on this script) (

hyperlink : leuxum/leuxums-qbhunting: A hunting script for qb-core based off of the nopixel hunting script (

future trys :
–extra searching places utilizing PolyZone–
several types of bait to draw totally different sorts of animals eg a vegetable combine to draw solely deer, rabbits and so forth
–add unlawful poaching eg a distinct set of animals the place they could try to assault you in a bunch eg hayeenas, you’ll be able to then pores and skin them and get soiled meat however at a better value than common meat, the one drawback is that it offers you marked cash while you promote it–

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