I made an LSPD car pack.
hope you want my livery. In that case, write me a remark, Thanks.

This pack comprises these autos:

-2011 CVPI Created by Officer Underwood
-2014 Impala by Officer Underwood
-2016 Taurus by Officer Underwood
-2016 Explorer by VooDoo. Inside by The Hurk. Molded Collectively by SoCal Thero
-2018 Dodge Charger by Peralta
-2018 F150 by Brandson, Transformed to PPV by SoCal Thero
-2015 Chevy Tahoe by GeorgieMoon
-Harley Electroglide by The Hurk

Set up:

  • Take the FiveM Prepared folder and put it in your sources folder.
  • Rename the FiveM Prepared folder to any title.
  • Within the server.cfg kind: guarantee foldername
  • Have Enjoyable !!





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