A modern realisation on seatbelt scripts, for additional roleplay and realism to your server.
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$ git clone https://github.com/TFNRP/seatbelt.git
  • Add the following to your server.cfg:


Modern Seatbelt does the following:

Coming Soon

Features that are planned for Modern Seatbelt:

  • Complimentary scripts for compatible UI support.
  • Audible realistic beeping tone whilst driving without SB.


Modern Seatbelt has no config.

Change the default /seatbelt K keybind

Go to client.lua:8:56 (line 8, character 56) and alter ok to something from the documentation (or something from A-Z)


Report issues and create suggestions.
Improve code, fix issues and add suggestions.

Credits & Copyright

Thanks to @TehRamsus for his or her Seatbelt script, which impressed me to create Trendy Seatbelt.
Licensed underneath MIT License. No code or belongings of the inspiring work has been used.
The unique creator acknowledged they’d rework their unique work however has not finished so since Oct twenty fifth, ’21, therefore my launch.
I messaged @TehRamsus concerning my script on Oct eleventh, ’21 and but to obtain a response. I’m blissful to take down this launch upon request.

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