• The concept for these mods was taken from the vastness of YouTube with mods for GTA 5.

  • I used to be simply bored, and I made a decision to write down this, use it not the place, however somebody can discover one thing new for his or her sources, and use it at dwelling.

  • There are a variety of fascinating issues (nicely, for me, at the very least it was)

  • For instance, work with vectors, coordinates, their calculation, and so forth.

  • I eliminated the results on telekinesis, since one of many server builders helped with these results, and * I used to be requested to not present them. So search for your self if that you must :slight_smile:

  • The code was written within the vRP 2.0 fashion, newcomers are unlikely to have the ability to perceive it, and a lot of the code was written to fuck off. However skilled builders will be capable of discover one thing new for themselves, and take it for themselves, solely due to this I submit my work

  • There can be no solutions to questions associated to the code. Good enjoyable :slight_smile:

If you’ll use it someplace, point out the creator at the very least



Liquid {
   [CAPS LOCK] / Toggle Liquid Transfer

liquid.rar (4.8 KB)

Psychokinetic {
   [LEFT ALT] + [LEFT MOUSE BUTTON] / Toggle Psychokinetic Peds and Automobile
   [Right Mouse Button] / Smash Automobile
   [Left Mouse Button] / Telekinesis automobile or peds
   [SHIFT + Y] / PowerRun
   [CAPS LOCK] / Toggle Fly
   [E] / Toggle Teleport
   [RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON] / Teleport

psychokinetic.rar (1.5 MB)

Creator Thought:

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