Responsibility Sistem

Not like the traditional responsibility system that units a brand new job, this technique works with a easy variable that’s saved within the database.


Very simple to configure, and usable for any job


The script has been created to be able to create the least quantity of lag each shopper and server facet

Instance Utilization and Config

--config.lua :
Place = {
    { job = "polizia", grademin = 0, x = 441.06674194336, y = -978.576171875, z = 30.689609527588}
 --put on job the job that the marker can see, in grademin the minimal grade of the job that the marker can see and in x, y, z, the marker place
  • Examples of use (Server Facet)
-- Request Code
if ExampleChekJobInDutyOnline("police") > 1 then   --As argument put the job to examine
--in this case the "ExampleChekJobInDutyOnline" perform provides you the variety of "police" on-line and in service, helpful for finishing up checks for robberies or for paycheck
-- Perform
ExampleChekJobInDutyOnline = perform (job)  
    native depend = 0
    for index, participant in pairs(GetPlayers()) do
        if tonumber(participant) ~= nil then
            native xPlayer = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(tonumber(participant))
            native inDuty = exports["mxm_duty"]:getDuty(tonumber(participant))
            if xPlayer then
                if xPlayer.job.identify == job and inDuty then
                    depend = depend + 1
    return depend
  • Examples of use (Shopper Facet)
native inDuty = exports["mxm_duty"]:getClienDuty()
if  inDuty  then
     --print("in Responsibility")   
    --print("Off Responsibility")   

Github: GitHub – MaXxaM2611/mxm_duty: –Readme

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