shot spotter


This is a simple standalone ShotSpotter script made for FiveM.

The script will detect when gunshots are fired and will put out a sound and text alert to all of the Law Enforcement patrol vehicles with an approximate location. No permissions are being used, you just have to be inside a police car to receive the gunshot alert.

To be realistic, the ShotSpotter has a default delay of 20 seconds to put out an alert after gunshots are detected. Throwables (except explosives), melees, fire extinguishers, stunguns, flareguns, and suppressed weapons won’t be detected by the ShotSpotter.
These last two parameters can be configured in the config.lua as well as a couple of other options (see config options).


  • Simple and clean
  • Highly customizable
  • Sound effect
  • Animated map blip
  • Suppressed weapons won’t be detected
  • Ability to blacklist weapons


Video demo

Gunshot alerts

gunshot alert 1
gunshot alert 2

Map blip

map blip

Config options

config options


Direct Download

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