This script allows players to search any aircon in the game to acquire items that they find. This is easily modified and can have the potential to be a good script


  • Search any aircon in the city
  • Aircons have a cooldown timer after you search it (5 mins) < Configurable
  • Get random items from aircons based on chance, you always get scrap or steel
  • You have to use your own npc script
  • Utilizes BT-Target to search aircons
  • Go to location and sell scrap metal for money ( map blip )
  • Custom sell scrap or steel menu
  • Police get notified on stealing air cons ( can set the percentage in config ) (linden-outlawalert)
  • Can set how many cops online before you can scrap

(Some code from OnyxDumpster) props to the unique code supply

Required Actions

  • Add item ‘scrappart’ to your item database (can change item)
  • Add item ‘steel’ to your item database (can change item)

Required Scripts


Future Updates

  • No Cops online notification
  • No Animation when there is no cops

There could also be bugs so be at liberty to let me know :slight_smile:

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