This script aim at bringing life & interactions to the Unicorn Club, buy lapdances in the premium lounge or go throw some cash at the poledancers :eyes:

This release is a huge remake from a previous made script, qb-lapdance

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This resource use FiveM-checker, created to simply preserve observe if a useful resource have to be up to date!


kc-unicorn is heavily configurable:

  • Config.Framework
    Choose which framework your server is using so qb-lapdance can work with it [standalone,
    esx, qb-core]
  • Config.Textual content
    2D, 3D, Better3D, None (Set the one you want to fit your server, the efficiency distinction is usually non-existant)
  • Config.LapDanceCost
    Set the price of the lap dance
  • Config.ThrowCost
    Set the price of how a lot gamers will throw on the poledance
  • Config.LegMoney
    Little easter egg in your participant, will add an adjunct “Leg cash” to the stripper if the participant has greater than ‘Config.LegMoney’ in money. Set to an enormous worth when you don’t need this
  • Config.Nudity
    Set to true if you need the stripper to be topless (Just for participant above ‘Config.NudityAge’)
  • Config.NudityAge
    Participant age restriction. If underage and ‘Config.Nudity’ is about to true, the stripper gained’t be topless. Set to 0 when you don’t need age restriction
  • Config.Blip
    Set to false when you don’t need the blip on the map
  • Config.BlipStripclub
    This config will allow you to simply modify the blip to your want. It additionally embrace feedback that can assist you in modifying it
  • Config.BlipCoord
    If you wish to transfer the blip on the map, change this.
  • Config.LapMarker
    Set to true if you need the marker for the lapdance to be “drawn”
  • Config.SelectStrippers
    Set to true if you wish to let your participant select which stripper they need for his or her lapdance
  • Config.Strippers
    Checklist of accessible strippers for the lapdance
  • Config.Language
    Set the language variable that might be used for the locale system. For now, kc-unicorn has translation in French and English (fr or en), however you’ll be able to simply create your personal translation!
  • Config.UpdateChecker
    Set to false when you don’t wish to verify for qb-lapdance replace on begin
  • Config.ChangeLog
    Set to false when you don’t wish to show the changelog if new model is discovered

Some new options might be added quickly: With the ability to use the 7 seats and never solely the primary within the Unicorn Finished :white_check_mark:, select between completely different stripper Finished :white_check_mark:, completely different gender for stripper(?), member card for cheaper lap dance(?)


Preview: Coming Quickly


Don’t listen on the resmon information in these screenshots, I would like to complete creating the preview and they are going to be up to date!

Close to Marker

On Marker

In Lap Dance

Download & Installation


Download kc-unicorn.rar


Drag the folder into your <server-data>/resources/ folder Add this in your server.cfg:

start kc-unicorn

If you have any suggestions I will be happy to hear them :wink:

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