fivem-merge-cli is a straightforward CLI tool which makes use of the fivem-merge API to pack a number of automobile assets into one useful resource.


Node.js and NPM is required.


With npm:

$ npm install -g fivem-merge-cli

With yarn:

$ yarn global add fivem-merge-cli


In shell inside your server’s resource directory:

$ vmerge --help
$ vmerge <path to resource> <path to other resource> [...more resources] --output <destination>


In shell inside your server’s resource directory:

$ # merges the 18lamborghini and the 17lamborghini resources into a new resource called lamborghinis
$ vmerge ./18lamborghini ./17lamborghini --output ./lamborghinis
$ # merges fd vehicle resources into one pack
$ vmerge ./fd1 ./fd2 ./fd3 ./fd4 --output ./fd
$ # if you don't want meta files to be linted automatically, add the `--lint false` parameter

How it works

The fivem-merge API creates a temp directory with a fxmanifest.lua containing a files table and data_file statements of all your selected resources’ manifests combined (also compatible with FXv1 __resource.lua).
All data files will be merged into the data folder. Unused or empty data files will be omitted.
Streamed files will then get moved into their own stream/<gamename> folder. If there are any vehicles with the same game or file name, an error will be emitted and will exit. You will need to manually fix this.
Once all these operations have been complete, the temp directory will get moved to your --output directory.

Keep in mind

fivem-merge is currently in an unstable release version, you will probably find bugs.
Found a bug?
Open an issue, or higher, make a pull request.

fivem-merge can’t merge scripts (together with any vehicle_names.lua).
If any of your assets include something unmerge-able, a warning can be emitted with particulars to merge manually.


The package to make the API work in the CLI.

The API behind this CLI device.

(I’m pretty uncertain if that is the proper matter, if not, it might be variety if it have been moved)

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