What does it do exactly?

This resource provides you with the means to locate and track vehicles via blips on the map. This
is mainly meant as a complimentary resource for any sort of parking script, as vehicles that are
not in scope of any player simply cannot be tracked at all.

This is fully compatible with AdvancedParking out of the field however may also be modified to work with different parking scripts.
In case you are utilizing different parking scripts, I may help you with integrating it as effectively.

In case you are not utilizing a parking script and you aren’t spawning your autos on server aspect, the
blips will disappear when the participant is just too far-off, because the car could be unloaded by the
engine itself. For this reason it’s extremely beneficial to make use of e.g. AdvancedParking, as that script
will all the time return a place of a saved car!

Showcase video: VehicleTracker Showcase – FiveM Resource – YouTube



  • Serverside exports for tracking vehicles.
  • Menu for tracking owned vehicles (ESX + NativeUI necessary).
  • Tracking blips are updated every 2.5 seconds or in realtime when the vehicle is nearby
  • Script can be restarted any time (trackers have to be re-enabled when doing so).

Planned Features

  • Input window for police, so they can track any vehicle.


  • Client Side: idle 0.00ms, tracking 3 vehicles: 0.01-0.04ms (depends on if they are updated client or serverside)
  • Server Side: idle 0.00ms, tracking 3 vehicles: 0.01-0.02ms (depends on if they are updated client or serverside)


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Where can I get this?
This script is currently purchasable for 7.50€ (without tax) at:

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