Hiya mates,

Not too long ago my gamers have requested the power to set a strolling fashion completely with out worrying about it resetting on relog, and many others.

I did somewhat looking out and will solely discover this but it surely appears as if it was pulled from GitHub.

I wrote this up with the assistance of common emote menu dpemotes.

An ESX based mostly persistent strolling fashion script



  • Set/Save walking styles(Default commands: /savewalk WALKHERE & /walklist)
  • Walking style saved / restored on reconnect
  • Utilizes json rather than SQL or alternative methods of data storage
  • ~0.0ms usage


  • Download script
  • Put script in your resources directory
  • Add ensure wasabi_walk in your server.cfg

Default Usage

  1. While in-game use command /walklist and find a walking style you would like to try.
  2. Use command /savewalk WALKNAMEHERE to set walking style.
  3. Enjoy your set walking type even on server restart/reconnect.


There isn’t one. It’s free and pretty self-explanatory


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