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Welcome everybody for my xd_doorlock release so this release is for people who need a nice door lock system and without any big performance taking, this resource taking less than 0.02ms because it’s using GTA V door lock system so I hope you enjoy this release!


  • Locking/Unlocking Doors
  • Jobs Allowlist
  • Everything Sync with the server
  • Using GTA V built in System
  • Less than 0.02ms


  • es_extended
  • Any Notify System – make sure to change to your notify in config if you have custom notify

Adding Doors

Config.Doors = {
		Doors = {										-- Doors section | if you have more than one door to lock add it here
				Model="v_ilev_ph_gendoor004",			-- Door model can be the model name or model hash="v_ilev_ph_gendoor004" or 1557126584
				Coords = vector3(449.6, -986.4, 30.6)	-- Door Coords | you can use the script pun_idgun to check door model and coords see https://github.com/Puntherline/pun_idgun
		Locked = true,									-- The door should be locked when script starts?
		Distance = 2,									-- Distance between player and doors to open them should be more than 0

		-- Jobs Section
		-- -------------
		-- if false then everyone can toggle the door.
		-- if true then no one can toggle the door.
		-- if specific job then only the job can toggle the door.
		-- you can specify more than one job for example: Jobs = {'police', 'ambulance', 'mechanic'}

Just copy this example and you can delete the commented lines and replace details with your door details.

Lockpick doors will be in future updates

For any help type in the comments your issue or open issue in github where the download link is
recommended to open issue in github :slight_smile:


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