Private rework of esx_property for es_extended.


  • Purchase a house
  • Hire a house
  • New menu the place you’ll be able to invite different gamers to your residence or depart it
  • Private storage the place you’ll be able to deposit/take issues
  • Private cloakroom the place you’ll be able to alter the fashion of your character


If the preview doesn’t work, click me!


Set up

  1. Learn the GitHub description
  2. Obtain Grasp or Launch & Extract the .zip or Open the .zip.
  3. Edit the config.lua earlier than beginning the script.
  4. Import the included new_property.sql file included.
  5. Add guarantee esx_property to your server.cfg.
  6. You’re set!
  7. Don’t change the title or it is not going to work.


  • Each property must be rewrite

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