This useful resource was created for servers to attach their Tebex shops to their FiveM Servers


  • Store Automation
  • Ability to add Items, Cars, and Weapons
  • Logs to discord
  • Easily configurable


  • Download HERE
  • Put script in your sources listing
  • Import codes.sql to your database.
  • Add guarantee nass_tebexstore in your server.cfg
  • In Tebex, go to the package deal you want to add
  • Add a sport server command to your server of selection
  • Set the command When the package deal is bought
  • Add purchase_package_tebex {"transid":"{transaction}", "packagename":"{packageName}"} because the command
  • Press the settings icon on the best and alter the command to Execute the command even when the participant is offline
  • Press Replace


  • Players must go ingame and do /redeem [Transaction ID] and they will recieve everything


Extra Information

Please leave any issues you may have here on GitHub



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