RKL CLOTHING As Merchandise For Linden Stock

Vital to know : This isn’t simply an merchandise clothes that have to put all of the objects look the codes and film.

Description : this script will flip all of your clothes into merchandise by way of meta knowledge,
all garments is usable and can improve the RP in your metropolis by way of holdup and take all their garments.

  1. No have to enter all of the torso and objects
  2. Worth Per Class Could be Change By way of Config
  3. Description Could be Change in Server Aspect
  4. Straightforward so as to add location for every class
  5. Utilizing Emoji in Retailer so Straightforward to know What Retailer it’s
  6. Can Present and Conceal Blips in Config
  7. If the stock detects empty torso or any garments it is going to mechanically take away out of your ped

you’ll used solely 14 objects and its already within the code


  1. rprogress : GitHub – Mobius1/rprogress: Customisable radial progress bars for FiveM
  2. Linden Stock : GitHub – rklgaming/linden_inventory: I UPLOAD IT CAUSE THE CREATOR DELETE IT. Remember Inventory is the hearth of the server if the inventory changed all scripts need to adjust. if your a good creator you know that you will destro many servers who is using it.
  3. es prolonged modify : GitHub – rklgaming/es_extended: This is extended is for Linden and inventory And ESX Legacy
  4. skinchanger modify : GitHub – rklgaming/skinchanger: THIS Skinchanger is used in RKL CLOTHINGS
  5. esx pores and skin modify : GitHub – rklgaming/esx_skin: This esx skin is used for RKL CLOTHINGS

this script is free dont promote it thanx
Picture :

Present Case Video : Fivem – RKL CLOTHING As Item For Linden Inventory – YouTube

Tutorial Video : How to use linden meta data and rkl clothing system – YouTube


  1. GitHub – rklgaming/RKL-CLOTHING-As-Item-For-Linden-Inventory: RKL CLOTHING As Item For Linden Inventory Description : this script will turn all your clothing into item via meta data, all clothes is usable and will enhance the RP in your city via holdup and take all their clothes. this script is free dont sell it thanx (up to date)
  2. GitHub – rklgaming/rklclothes: This is the clothes for changing for RKL CLOTHING

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