s4-phone aka co_phone


  • Mumble voip & ■■■■■■■■ helps
  • Ship Message from whatsapp (GIF, Picture)
  • Goverment app (LSPD, EMS, LSDOJ, MECHANIC)
  • Storage app with vallet
  • YellowPages app
  • Twitter app
  • Gallery app
  • Financial institution app with IBAN
  • YouTube app
  • Spotify app
  • Instagram app
  • Widgets (Climate & Calendar)
  • Calculator
  • Notes app
  • S4-SHARE (Ship picture between telephones)
  • Flash mild
  • Darkweb (Per location totally different objects & wifi passwords)

Meta System

Bonus the person you have called can not be reached.

BlackMarket system with wifi

render (coming from new updates) render script : utk_render

Supported languages : English (default) , Turkish, non-obligatory translation obtainable

Buy full open source ( no license & no ip lock) 250.00 EUR

Buy lifetime license 125.00 EUR

Word : Github is used as license server. On this manner, there can be no disruptions!

Different works:

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