Prewiev :arrow_forward:

COKLUK | s4-sqlsaver ( 10€) :heavy_check_mark:


  • Retailer your information by yourself server.
  • Retailer your information lower than 5mb on discord. (Compressed)
  • Set a save interval (second)


Non framework script – no want requitments

Save methodology = “native” or “compressed” – you’ll be able to choose both

Native methodology is = non compressed model (not beneficial)

Compressed methodology is = compressed model (beneficial) gzip

localSave = (true, false) if u choose to “false” not saving to native file, if u choose “true” sql saving to “/sql” folder.

loopTime = 600 (SECOND) – u can change to looptime for save to per looptime

PubPath = if in script computerized save not working change to script folder. if is working don’t change

discordWebHook = if u not put inside to ur discord webhook url, file gained’t load in discord (5mb add restrict)

Different works:

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