Worth: $15.00USD

Buy Hyperlink: https://explorer-8158-designs.tebex.io/package/5022930

Photos: SAGW Package – Album on Imgur

Video: San Andreas Game Warden EUP & Skins Teaser | Explorer 8158 Designs | Showcase By ObL Lobo#7289 – YouTube


EUP Textures: Explorer 8158#8158

Most Pictures: ObL Lobo#7289

7 Star Badge Mannequin: GillyWilly#0832

Tactical Vest Mannequin Reece.#7384

Goes with the SAGW Pores and skin Bundle

Comes Fivem Prepared

Contains: Uniform Shirts (Class A,B,C)

7 Star Badge

Bomber Jacket

Baseball Cap

Life Vest

Patrol Vest

Tac Vest

Inexperienced & Tan Tactical Shirt

Inexperienced & Tan T-Shirt

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