Quantity Of Skins: 12+

Livery Measurement: 4k

Value: $15.00USD

Buy Hyperlink: https://explorer-8158-designs.tebex.io/package/5022954

Photographs: SAGW Package – Album on Imgur

Video: San Andreas Game Warden EUP & Skins Teaser | Explorer 8158 Designs | Showcase By ObL Lobo#7289 – YouTube

Credit: Skins by Explorer 8158#8158

Most Photographs by ObL Lobo#7289

Goes with the SAGW EUP Bundle


Every little thing is available in a again and white model however the boats.

2013 Explorer (ZZ)

2014 Tahoe (Underwood)

2015 Suzuki Grime Bike (Trooper C)

2016 Explorer (Kane)

2017 Silverado (Trooper C)

2018 F-150 (GM)

2018 Taurus (GM)

2019 Tahoe (GM)

2020 Explorer (Kane)

ATV (Trooper C)

Gator (Redsaint)

Medium Boat (Redneck)

Small Boat (Redneck)

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