I do know there are already many APIs on the market to create customized NativeUI menus… however afaik NONE of them is made in scaleforms :smiley:

After months of teasing on the primary discord, I current and launch to you ScaleformUI. :partying_face::tada::champagne::clinking_glasses:

With ScaleformUI builders can create NativeUI menus and customized Pause Menus, animate them, work together with all of them in a clean and light-weight setting.

The API is accessible in C# and Lua.

It incorporates nearly all the things a vanilla HUD can do… like a Marker class to create and deal with Markers simply, and a Notifications class to ship native notifications with out the necessity to write customized features / strategies for them.
The Menu API incorporates all the things NativeUI has plus much more options!

ScaleformUI permits you to deal with InstructionalButtons, MidSizedMessage, BigMessage, WarningScreen scaleforms with out writing a single line of scaleform code, merely name the wanted operate/technique and also you’re good to go!

Each Lua and C# have examples to indicate how Menus and PauseMenus are made and dealt with.

for the skepticals listed here are the images with the efficiency on Menu opened



It’s all open supply on Github.
Code: GitHub – manups4e/ScaleformUI: ScaleformUI is a branch of NativeUI made with scaleforms to be lighter, faster and visually better
Instance in C# right here: ScaleformUI/MenuExample.cs at master · manups4e/ScaleformUI · GitHub
Instance in Lua right here: ScaleformUI/example.lua at master · manups4e/ScaleformUI · GitHub
Obtain the most recent launch right here: Releases · manups4e/ScaleformUI · GitHub

Additionally i might like to thank sleepingtears for his assist, dedication and contributions.


Thanks for the good launch :slight_smile:
I suppose I’ll attempt to change all my menus to this due to the good options.

One factor I suppose will likely be a tough step to vary from different outdated sources that offers with menu is that they do it in a tick based mostly paradigm : Every body, create the entire menu to attract it (like outdated RageUI shit)

It has some good elements (change all the things rapidly body by body with out having to assume an excessive amount of), but in addition some unhealthy issues (I suppose optimization issues)
As this useful resource is “pre-create” based mostly, it would in all probability be a barrier for some customers.

Anyway, I suppose it will be very exhausting to suppose each kind of “paradigm” of menu creation or maybe it’s not one thing you need in any respect.

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