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FiveM server templates

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If you are looking for a FiveM server template, here is an overview of the best templates you can download.

You want to set up a FiveM server and need a FiveM server template for this? With downloadable servers (plug and play), you will have a basic basis for your project – with the most important scripts such as the ESX police job, vehicle trade, and so on. The most important: Simplify your work, you do not need to script or code.

Also make sure to first check the framework of the servers (such as ESX, QB, vRP, …)

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We also have a discord if you have questions or need help. No need to worry to apply updates or any fixes!


1. Nopixel 2.0 server files

If you are looking for a server that is like Nopixel, you can use the NP 2.0 server files from here:

Be careful as this is Nopixel framework, not ESX!

Nopixel inventory

2. QBUS Framework NoPixel 3.0 Server (Qbus “V4”)

We release, based on a genuine quality build framework called QBCore. Our new V4 is based on NoPixel 3.0 with more advanced RP Features.

This server is NOT on ESX – its on QBUS! So What We Have On Our New Base. Let’s See in the video. Also, I mistakenly didn’t take some new missions. So We will write it here.

This is a very optimized server and well equipped with the newest features! 120+ fps guaranteed.

If you are convinced that this is the best investment for your server please go ahead and place your order. We handle it with care and speed! Also, join our discord for any questions.

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Ethical RP

3. EthicalRP Server (NoPixel 3.0 inspired)

This server is a NoPixel 3.0 inspired base, purple design.

The server offers a lot of features and is made on the Nopixel framework

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If you are looking for good templates, also make sure to check out our discord server as we announce the newest scripts there

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