Hello Guys,

in the present day I launch my first selfmaded script.

It is a easy Animation Script used with instructions. This script is impressed from RealLifeOnline.

So what makes this script? You could have two instructions /hu and /huk.
/hu makes the handsup emote and /huk makes a animation that you simply first get your handsup after which get slowly on the bottom and get your palms in your head.

Here’s a fast preview:

How one can Set up:

  1. Drag and drop the “handsup” folder in your ressource directiory
  2. add “begin handsup” in your server.cfg
  3. restart the server

So my English is just not so good and im sorry if I did writing errors :sweat_smile:

When you discover any bugs otherwise you need assistance reply to this matter^^

Greets from Germany
Paul Meier

Obtain on Git: GitHub – RLOPaulMeier/handsup

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