Simple Blackout script inspired from Nopixel. You can change the time after which you want it to work. Feel free to contact for support and bug report.

Features inside script-

  1. Gets triggered after every 10minutes, (you can definitely change the timing to an hour or something)
  2. choose random number to miss or do a blackout (if missed, then there will not be a blackout for that time)
  3. Power cut and automatic restore power after a specific timing which you can change in config.

Note- It is verified on Np Base but should work on every framework. Change the chat message to whatever notification you want.




Other Projects –
Nopixel Inspired Voting UI – Np Inspired Voting UI

| Code is accessible | Yes |
| Subscription-based | No |
|Lines (approximately) |50-60 |
| Requirements | Chat or Notification dependency|
| Support | Yes |

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can we check if its blackout or not?

Yes, there is already a check when it triggers… If Blackout is already there, it will not blackout again and it will dodge. I hope you will check and come back with the feedbacks.

I think they mean like a export of is blackout active for other scripts to use. IE radios, phones, ATM’s

nope, there isn’t any export for that as for the server i am working on, i am planning to link it with the database ut i will look into it i will get some time

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