Here is a guide on how to simplify starting resources in server.cfg!

Not everyone enjoys typing over and over ensure Resource_Name, So here is a simple way to lay it out

  • When putting resources like cars, maps, scripts etc in your Resources, Instead of doing it 1 by 1 create a folder like this instead [cars]

  • Then put all your Cars within the [cars] folder. (Same with scripts, maps etc)

  • Finally add to your server.cfg Ensure [cars]

This will make the server start ALL Resources within the folder [cars] and it makes your server.cfg look much cleaner!

Complex Server.cfg Example


ensure car1
ensure car2
ensure car3
ensure map2
ensure map1
ensure script1
ensure script3

Simplified Server.cfg Example


ensure [cars]
ensure [scripts]
ensure [maps]

Hopefully this has been helpful


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