Easy time and Climate Script with Ace Permissions


  • Dynamic changing weather every 10 minutes (can be (temporarily or permanently) disabled. The weather will only change according to realistic patterns. Some types like snow, xmas, halloween and neutral have been disabled. This means that if the weather is currently one of those types, it won’t be changed. It will also never change to those types.
  • Blackout. Enable/disable this in the config or using /blackout ingame.
  • Weather and Time synced across all players.
  • Custom permissions for the commands using Ace Permissions.


Download sSync → here


/weather <type> – Change the weather type (will fade to the new weather type within 15 seconds).
/freezeweather – Enable/Disable dynamic weather changes
/time <h> <m> – Set the time.
/morning – Set the time to morning.
/noon – Set the time to noon.
/evening – Set the time to evening.
/night – Set the time to night.
/blackout – Enable/Disable blackout mode.

Ace Permissions

Replace “GROUPNAME” with your ace group [ex. add_ace group.admin sSync.Time]

add_ace group.GROUPNAME sSync.Time allow
add_ace group.GROUPNAME sSync.Weather allow


@Supman138 – Releasing sSync; Including Ace Permissions; Updating __resource.lua → fxmanifest.lua

@Vespura – Creator of the bottom of the script; created vSync; Particular due to Vespura for permitting me to re-release his script with the updates that I’ve put into it. NOTE: Please don’t contact Vespura for assist on this!


Update 1.0.0

The initial release of sSync! Code used from Vespura’s vSync nonetheless modified to make use of Ace Permissions and up to date the __resource.lua to fxmanifest.lua

To be clear the script within the preliminary launch is made principally by @Vespura and I cannot take credit score for ANY of his wonderful work.


  • All suggestions are appreciated, Vespura no longer maintains vSync so I would be happy to hear all the suggestions that you thought should have been in vSync, and I will try my best to create those (if they are good ideas).

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